Following the lost election, the parting President concludes the drama

Trump the President has fought for four years to be recognized as a Great Statesman and to be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the USA. Now, he is presiding over one of the most depressing departures from the White House in the country’s modern history. The fault is not in the stars — the faults of the protagonist of this American drama have been completely sufficient.

A ruthless plan behind the election fraud claims

One may even question whether triggering the violence in the Capitol on January 6 was deliberately intended by Trump. The strategy of the closest Trump circle in the…

Nach der verlorenen Wahl führt der scheidende Präsident das Drama zu Ende

Der Präsident, der vier Jahre lang darum gekämpft hat, als großer Staatsmann anerkannt zu werden und der als einer der größten Präsidenten der USA in Erinnerung bleiben wollte, steht nun einem der deprimierendsten Abschiede aus dem Weißen Haus in der modernen Geschichte des Landes vor. Nicht durch die Schuld der Sterne ist es so gekommen, die Fehler des Protagonisten dieses amerikanischen Dramas haben vollkommen genügt.

Ein skrupelloser Plan hinter den Vorwürfen des Wahlbetrugs

Dabei darf sogar bezweifelt werden, dass das Auslösen von Gewalt im Kapitol am 6. Januar in Trumps bewusster Absicht lag. Die Strategie des engsten Trump-Teams im Vorfeld der Unruhen im Kapitol zielte wohl vielmehr darauf…

How the last four years have changed our understanding of politics and beyond

As the heated, divisive, professionally orchestrated multi-billion dollar election campaigns of 2020 are finally coming to their end, the 2016 election is still notably present in people’s minds. While the Biden campaign is praying for 2016 not to repeat itself in terms of polling inaccuracies and unexpected turnout, the Trump campaign is yearning for exactly that.

The 2016 election also occupies a special place in my mind and memory, but for different reasons. The drama of American presidential elections has been fascinating me since I had first seen the movie “Primary Colors”, a competent adaptation of the same-titled book about…

Demographics and why they are a warning to other countries

As we study the numbers on the coronavirus cases and the deaths related to COVID-19, a similar question comes up again and again:

Why is the coronavirus causing so many more deaths in Italy than in other countries?

This question relates both to the absolute number of deaths , which is currently exceeded only in China, and to the case fatality rate, which has risen to 6.6% and exceeds any other country in the world.

To make sure we are all on the same page: The case fatality rate of COVID-19 is the number of confirmed deaths due to COVID-19…

The angry attacks against the teenage activist expose her opponents’ desperation. But serious solutions to the climate crisis are at risk of not being heard.

In the midst of four million people joining the Global Climate Strike, both admirers and critics of Greta Thunberg reflect upon the unprecedented growth and success of the movement that she has been spearheading. Why did the cause for saving the planet break through just now — and why is it so inextricably linked to the persona of the young Swedish activist?

Clearly, there is the cause itself — nothing less than the future of humanity could be at stake if the worst predictions about global warming came true. …

Andreas Backhaus

Economist. Reader. Writer. Hiker.

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